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The human body is a system designed to heal itself but often, because of a stressful lifestyle, medical treatments, traumatic injuries, aging, environmental toxicity ,and genetics , you may not feel well and develop a “chronic” condition. Maybe you hurt, have low energy, have been diagnosed with a specific condition or simply don’t feel like yourself.

When this happens, many individuals turn to their doctor for help, medicine and treatment. For some people this effort is enough, but for others things remain  “stuck”. We know that health is impacted by psychological, physiologic , environmental and genetic factors and that each person’s journey to wellness is unique.

Lawrence M. Cohen, MD has worked in the field of Functional/Integrative Medicine (also known  as Complementary Medicine) since 1981 (click here for full bio). During that time, he has seen thousands of patients and has learned that the path to wellness begins with listening.

It is through the stories that clients share with him that Dr. Cohen begins to undo the knot that is blocking wellness, taking in to account the whole person and their unique personal history, psychology, physiology, and genetics. With this information and his decades of experience, Dr. Cohen is able to work collaboratively with clients to develop a plan that allows their bodies to , release ,strengthen and heal.

At the heart of his philosophy is the belief that individuals should be involved in their care and have a full range of options (click here to read about What To Expect at your appointments). Dr. Cohen has a wealth of experience in treating complex illnesses using both Traditional and Integrative Medicine. His decades of experience working with certified and licensed practitioners allows him to provide referrals to appropriate practitioners as needed.

Imagine, the best of Western Medicine and the mind, body, hormonal, diet and lifestyle alternatives of Integrative Medicine.

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Is there a doctor in the house?

Why, yes there is – an experienced and fully licensed MD with experience in the following areas:

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