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The human body is a system designed to heal itself but often, because of chronic illness, pain, a stressful lifestyle, aging or other conditions, the system breaks down and you don’t feel well. Maybe you hurt, have low energy, have been diagnosed with a specific condition or simply don’t feel like yourself.

When this happens, many individuals turn to their doctor for help, medicine and treatment. For some people this effort is enough, but for others the course of action may be too invasive, too harsh or simply doesn’t get at the cause, and things remain  “stuck”. Maybe you have been undergoing treatment for a chronic condition and you still don’t feel well. Perhaps then it’s time to consider Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

Founded in 1988, the Center for Complementary Medicine is directed by Lawrence M. Cohen, MD. Dr. Cohen believes that individuals should be involved in their care and have a full range of options to traditional medical solutions. Dr. Cohen has a wealth of experience in treating complex illnesses using both Traditional and Complementary Medicine. Coexisting with other certified and licensed practitioners; he provides the best of these options to you.

Imagine, the best of Western Medicine and the mind, body, hormonal, diet and lifestyle alternatives of Complementary Medicine all in one place.

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Is there a doctor in the house?

Why, yes there is – an experienced and fully licensed MD. But there are also expert practitioners in all the following specialized and alternative therapies.

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