Bio-Identical hormones function in the body like the hormones our own body’s produce. They are made in a lab from soy or wild yam to be “bio-identical” to human hormones.

Bio-Identical hormones are used:

  • To replace hormones when deficiencies occur
  • To improve balance of hormones when there is an imbalance

Bio-Identical hormones used in Women’s Health can include:

  • Progesterone
  • Estrogens (Estrone, Estradiol, Estriol)
  • DHEA
  • Testosterone

Bio-Identical hormones most often used to treat men are:

  • Testosterone
  • DHEA

Bio-Identical hormone therapy is specifically tailored to the individual’s needs based on saliva testing of one’s own free (vs protein bound) levels of these hormones.

Bio-Identical hormones are available as skin creams or gels, sublingual drops, lozenges, capsules, or vaginal creams or gels.

Bio-Identical hormones are available:

  • Compounded to your specific needs by prescription which can be filled at compounding pharmacies
  • As specialty products at predetermined doses through health care professionals which are generally of higher quality and specificity than most over the counter products
  • Over the counter products which may not have dosage information available

Bio-Identical hormone therapy should always be monitored with saliva hormone levels to ensure that levels are balanced and are within safe and effective ranges.

Other Bio-Identical hormones available through compounding pharmacies include:

  • Thyroid (T3 and T4)