Life started as a single cell, and even though the human body has become more complex, nutrition still comes down to what nutrients are needed for the cell to live, breathe, and do its work efficiently. Each nutrient – vitamin, mineral, phytochemical, amino acid, fatty acid – is required in the proper amount for the body to function well. Nutrition is really the beginning of health, as without the ability to digest and absorb nutrients, people cannot hope to overcome their chronic diseases. Thus, strengthening digestion and ensuring absorption is part of our nutritional approach.

Food is meant to be the source of our nutrients and so at the Center we encourage and teach people how to get quality food and water into their diet. Depending on an individual’s genetics, disease process, or biochemical individuality, a therapeutic diet may be recommended. Diet can be extremely powerful in reversing chronic disease.

Various stressors in our modern living – chronic infections, toxins, poor detoxification, and stress, both emotional and physical – have sometimes left us nutrient deficient beyond what diet alone can cure, and so nutrient supplementation may be indicated to overcome deficiencies and restore function. We recognize individual’s needs for nutrient supplementation based on their personal history and symptoms, as well as biomedical testing for nutrient levels and organ function. In keeping with using the best of nature, we also use herbs that have been used through the centuries to easy symptoms and bring health.

The supplements we recommend at the Center are only available to health professionals, i.e. are professional grade. The supplement manufactures voluntarily subscribe to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by seeking inspection and certification by such organizations as the National Products Association (NPA), and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). These companies are careful about the quality of their ingredients and perform clinical trials of the supplement to make sure that they are effective in improving health. Some of the supplement sources we use are Metagenics, Perque, Biogenesis, Xymogen, Vital Nutrients, Pure Encapsulations, and Thorne Research.

Many of our practitioners will address the issues of diet during their consultation. Additionally, our board- certified Clinical Nutritionist is able to work with individuals on food plans for general health, such as a whole foods and plant-based diet- designed to prevent chronic disease. Therapeutic diets have a specific goal and may be for only a short term. These diets include: Ketogenic, Nutritarian , Gluten Free/Casein Free, FODMAPS, Elimination, Candida Diet, etc.