The emphasis on energy rather than anatomy is the fundamental difference between Eastern and Western medicine. Our bodies function as the result of a life force. Whether you call it chi, ki, prana or by some other term, in a holistic healthcare system the belief exists in a subtle form of energy that permeates the body, giving it life and health – and that an obstruction to the flow of energy results in disease. The goal of an energy worker is to identify the nature and extent of the energy imbalance, and to penetrate and influence the obstruction to the free flow of the energy so that the person is returned to harmony and good health.

Energy Work Forms Available:

  • Reiki is an ancient technique rediscovered in 1822 by a Buddhist monk, Dr. Mikao Usui, when a series of Sanskrit symbols appeared to him. These symbols are the source of the attunements passed from master to student. The work Reiki means universal life energy. As a technique, Reiki balances and opens the body to this life force. The Reiki practitioner serves as the conduit for this life force as it passes through him when he lays his hands on the one receiving a treatment. You do not have to be “sick” to receive a Reiki treatment. While Reiki can help you find your way back to a state of health or wholeness, many come in search of balance or relaxation, and others come seeking an increased sense of vitality or a path for their spiritual growth.
  • Polarity Therapy is an energy-based system developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, an osteopath, naturopath and chiropractor, who went to China and India to study other systems of healing, leading him to set down the principles of Polarity Therapy. From a Polarity Therapy perspective, life energy is governed by three electromagnetic currents. If any one of these currents becomes distorted or blocked, the entire energy field is affected and health is compromised. Polarity therapists, by understanding the relationship of the different currents, proceed to balance them – releasing energy blocks so that healing can occur.
  • Brookblade is an energy work method developed by June Robinson. It is a synthesis of numerous energetic healing techniques and is based on more than two decades of research, observation and training. During sessions performed in meditative states, Robinson began to see interesting nuances and variations in her previous understanding of energy flow. As the visions became clearer to her, she saw a network of interconnected pathways not unlike that of a subway system. Using these alternate pathways, the Brookblade practitioner can influence the speed of slow-moving energy or divert or reroute energy around any blockage not ready to release of its own accord. By allowing the practitioner to more efficiently affect quality, amplitude and direction of flow, Brookblade restores vitality, returns balance, and provides the environment for self-healing.

Our Energy Work Practitioner

June Robinson