You may have arrived at our site because you are searching for something different.  Perhaps you don’t feel well, but no one can tell you what’s wrong with you or there are no treatments available for you.  It could be that you prefer to try natural approaches first to eliminate the need for medication and/or surgery, or to limit the amount of medication you might need.  Maybe you are an advocate of natural healing modalities.

We are happy to talk with you to discuss how our approach can help with your particular symptoms or condition.  Feel free to:

  • Call 210-733-0990 and leave a message for the practitioner you might like to see
  • Click here to E-mail your question and our office manager will forward your message to the appropriate practitioner
  • Several of our practitioners offer a FREE 15 minute consult to discuss your needs and what therapies they can offer to help you.  Call 210-733-0990 to schedule the fifteen minute consult.

New patients for Dr. Cohen please download and complete this form, and bring to your first appointment.