Certified Clinical Nutritionist

I am honored to be a practitioner at The Center for Complementary Medicine. My love of nutrition and holistic therapies predates my nursing career by a couple of decades. I consider nursing a perfect preparation for expanded education in nutrition and private practice.   Click here to read more about my story.

Let me share where I’ve been so you know what I bring to my nutrition and wellness practice. For 21 years, I worked as a nurse in areas such as Neonatal ICU, Home Health, Clinical Education and Chemical Dependency/Psych. Developing a deep interest in patient advocacy and education led me to start a company in 2001 called Guardian Patient Advocates.

In this age of over-processed, over-advertised and over-eaten convenience foods, many of us have forgotten that real food doesn’t come in a box. As a busy mom and nurse, I fell into this trap. Let me help steer you away from the pitfalls.

Sadly, we are seeing the results of this convenience with increased illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, hypertension and cancer. Diet may not always cure these and other conditions, but can surely aid in restoring you to optimal health.

I promote a fresh whole foods diet as a basic philosophy. Sometimes a few carefully chosen supplements that can correct and enhance health. I do not consider any one diet or nutritional program perfect for everyone. We are all unique, with different needs and starting points, goals and health histories.

Particular area of interest are: Food allergy/ intolerance, particularly as it applies to weight issues; celiac and gluten free diet; vegetarian/vegan, and ancestral diets. Heavy metals/toxins and their relation to wellness.

I offer free 15 minute consultations to get you started. I also offer body composition analysis using the Bio-impedance method- in combination with nutritional counseling or just for your own knowledge.

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  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) CNCB 2014
  • Registered Nurse (RN)  1997
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing(BSN) University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio 1996-1997
  • Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) 1995
  • Galen School of Nursing 1994-1995