I have LOVED holistic, functional medicine/nutrition since before I’d ever heard the terms! Devouring nutrition magazines, like the fledgling Life Extension back in 1984, filled me with information that I wanted to share. Soon I was preaching nutrition to my Dad, post open-heart surgery. Cheeky? You bet. I have never been afraid to tell it straight.

Dad didn’t always want to hear these “lectures”. My twenty-four year old self didn’t have the training or experience to know that Assessment and Suggestion—not Judgment—are the way to go. He needed a coach or partner in his healthcare. I believe we all can benefit from a person like that in our corner. 

My 21 years of nursing practice, in areas such as Neonatal ICU, Home Health, Education, and Chemical Dependency/Mental Health lend me rich experience to bring into the realm of Nutrition and Wellness.

I became interested in nutrition early on, as it related to the sports I played and my work as a weight trainer/instructor at Trim and Swim health club. I played competitive tennis in high school and again in my thirties, which was a joy, but nursing put a swift end to it.

Working 12 and 16-hour night shifts in that high-stress environment REALLY took a toll on my body and overall health. I joked that I left my waistline back in NICU…at 4 am. A perfect example of cortisol run amuck! 

Continued stress and lack of sleep damaged my health and body dramatically and I knew I couldn’t spend another 20 years like that. I needed a career change.

Hmmm what do I love? Nutrition, Wellness, and Functional cutting edge medicine. Knowing that, my direction was clear, and a Clinical Nutritionist was born!

Don’t waste precious years with declining health- Come see me.