When Dr. Cohen graduated from the University of Texas in Austin in 1971, he was already seeing a new perspective on the mind and interrelatedness of all things. While at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, he further saw the limitations of traditional medicine. After completing his first year of residency in Psychiatry, Dr. Cohen left to work on Indian reservations as a general medical officer for two years. Realizing that he couldn’t go back to the “traditional” tract and complete his residency, Dr. Cohen chose to practice Emergency Medicine (ER) while waiting to go to a comprehensive training program in holistic medicine. In the US at that time, the only holistic program was at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, Pa founded on the principle of integrating Eastern and Western medicine.

There, in the spring of 1980, Dr. Cohen started studying yoga, homeopathy, nutrition, biofeedback, and meditation in an integrated training program under Rudolph Ballantine, MD as well as other MD’s and PhD Psychologists. There, he also conducted research into mind/body medicine at Dana Research Lab, instructed a graduate program through the University of Scranton, and learned to treat all age groups and problems in a total holistic manner.

Today, Dr. Cohen runs a consultation practice for adults, using functional/integrative  approaches , including homeopathy, clinical nutrition and counseling using the best combination of traditional and alternative medicine/complementary therapies with people of all clinical problems, from the simplest to the most complex. Dr. Cohen does not provide acute or general primary care,nor is he taking any patients under 18 but will consult with primary care and specialist physicians to coordinate your care. His 16 year experience in the ER, as well as his holistic practice and collaboration with other holistic clinical practitioners allow him to see how all different approaches can work together to get people well. With his long standing presence in the San Antonio area, Dr. Cohen refers when necessary to all medical disciplines, to ensure the best care is given for diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Cohen’s hobby is photography. You may view his online album by clicking here.