Rachel Cornett Olsson, MSM, APRN, CNM, CPM

Midwife   Yoga Instructor   Nurse-practitioner

Rachel Cornett-Olsson, MSM, APRN, CNM, CPM is a dual-certified midwife, a yoga instructor, and nurse-practitioner.  She has practiced as a midwife since early 2011, when she started attending births in Haiti at a small non-profit birth center.  Her interest in natural medicine and birth was sparked during her International Studies undergrad, when she had the opportunity to study Balinese birth customs at a birth center in Bali in 2006. After giving birth to her son at home with midwives, she went back to school to be a nurse-practitioner, and since graduation, has been doing GYN and sexual health, with a special focus on holistic approaches to healing.  Rachel’s passion is in holding space for women to allow the power of their own bodies to heal, while assisting with holistic and allopathic remedies as needed.  She enjoys making medicine, local food, dancing, yoga, nerding out about genetics and health, and of course spending time with her 6 year old son.  


  • Annual exams: Paps and breast exams
  • Acute and chronic vaginal infections
  • PCOS
  • Family planning
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Perimenopause and menopause care
  • Bioidentical hormones
  • Prenatal care
  • Preconception care
  • IUD removal
  • Nexplanon/implant removal
  • Yoga