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Wensi Xu, M.S., L.Ac. received her Master of Science degree from the Texas Health Science University in Austin, which is the oldest prestige Oriental Medicine School in Texas. She graduated as valedictorian in her 2016 class. She treated hundreds of patients during her internship prior to graduation. She values and practices Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) utilizing the traditional style of TCM because that is the classic method from thousands of years’ medical experiences which was written in several Classical Medical Books in different periods of Chinese History. Wensi also has a Western Medicine background as a Registered Nurse. She graduated with Bachelor of Science degree from Southern University School of Nursing in 2009. She worked in the ICU, and general floors specializing  in Renal Dialysis. Two Medical backgrounds give her the advantage to adapt her treatments to the individual patient plan of care in a variety of underlying medical issues.

Upon graduation from the Texas Health and Science University, Wensi had opportunity to receive 3 weeks of internship at the China Academy of China Medical Sciences in Beijing where she focused on treating post stroke patients and patients suffering from insomnia, using Scalp Acupuncture.

Wensi is Nationally Board Certified in Acupuncture by the NCCAOM and licensed by the State of Texas Medical Board. Wensi is currently enrolled in Doctorate Program of Oriental Medicine (D.O.M) in Texas Health Science University in Austin Texas.

Wensi views her role of acupuncturist not only as a healer, but as an implementer to intergrate Western and Eastern Medicine together. She believes that the human body has a repair system that is already built as we are born to this world. However, as we age, sometimes we fail to turn on that repair system. Thus, TCM could help to reset the system. Wensi is devoted to giving the power of one’s own health back by helping restore that repair system of one’s own. So, the mind and the body could heal itself in a natural way.

I was born in Beijing China, raised and influenced by the traditional Chinese culture until I was 15 years old. My parents decided to send me to study in America through a foreign exchange student program. I came to the States when I was 16 years old, stayed with my American Host family in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was fully blessed by the love and the care they have given me since the first day we met. And soon they become my second family and my strong backbone. I graduated from Bishop Sullivan High School at Baton Rouge Louisiana in 2001, the same year I went to Louisiana State University where I received my first Bachelor degree in Economics in 2003. However, I felt that there was something missing in life which was not what I pictured. So, I decided to go for Nursing, which is something that I was always dreamed of. Then I got my second bachelor degree of Nursing in 2008 December, and worked as an RN since 2009. I see patients come and go, I see death and birth, mostly I see how fragile our body could be once we got sick. I woke up one day and asked myself if Nursing is my final destiny, and what else I could be doing to help more patients to relieve their pain. Soon I found my answers when I was recovered from UTI which had miraculously cured by Traditional Chinese Medicine from my mom.  Oh, I forgot to mention that my mother is TCM practitioner in China, and I could still remember the Chinese Herbal smell from my mom’s clothes when I was a little girl. Thus, I made my decision to go pursuing my dream in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

And today I was gifted and blessed with such amazing knowledge which allows me to heal one’s body in a natural healthy way. I had many experiences in treating Insomnia, pain, and women’s health. I also studied at China Academy of China Medical Sciences for 3 weeks in 2014, where I learned and trained with famous TCM professors and Clinical doctors with “Qi Arriving” needle technique to enhance acupuncture treatment. My patient could feel the amazing sensation from energy movement in their body. This could increase the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment especially in patient who suffers from pain and neurological issues. Nowadays majority of people often seek Western Medicine to solve their health issues. I get that, because I used to be one of them. However, after I learned and practice Traditional Chinese Medicine, I realized that there is a possibility to intergrade two Medicines together. So please join me, join our team to reach your best outcome!

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